Life Drawings 11/05 and 18/05/10

By , 19/05/2010

missed uploading a week, if they’d been better drawings I probably would’ve made the effort!
been trying to revive a way i used to draw with blue conte first, but i’ve been finding it more “bitey” than i remember. one of my favourite things about black conte is how it glides across with no effort, let’s you easily vary the weight of your strokes. i’ll persevere because i like the quality it gives, but i ditched it in favour of the old charcoal for the last pose last night.

most recent last.


Life Drawing 04/05/2010

By , 04/05/2010

all I post these days :)

just coming up to the end of a big project, looking forward to actually telling people about it. and i think that’s where my head was tonight, not the best drawings i’ve done, even with naked people in front of me my brain is very much at work. looking forward to some well deserved rest. next week, i think i’ll revive an old approach to get some adrenaline going…blue conte maybe, maybe paint….we’ll see


Life Drawing 20/04/10

By , 21/04/2010

not the most amazing drawings this week. I was in the mood, think it’s just a lack of midweek drawing. really need to make some time to doodle between classes. One thing I did make more of an effort on was not to give the model so much of an outline. She still has one, but I tried to be gentle in the lighter areas.


Life Drawing 13/04/10

By , 13/04/2010

phewee! sometimes it’s hard keeping the motivation to go to life drawing after work, but I’m always glad I do.

was feeling quite good this week, comfortable and confident enough to just go with my first marks (mostly) rather than the usual charcoal first, rub down as I go approach. Started straight off with the Conte crayon and managed to be more sketchy and build it up quickly rather than just using it to pick out details. Not quite where i want to be, but certainly on the road.

pose 3 could’ve been a cracker, but the model had a wee dizzy spell. Not to worry, she ended up striking the last one instead which I quite like the intertwining of limbs.

….oh, and those marks all over are tatoos…including a portrait on her leg of the mighty Bill Hicks!


Life Drawings 23/03/10

By , 28/03/2010

Bit late getting these up this week, been busy but also got a trial run of a friends camera for the weekend. All my drawings are on A1 newsprint and need to be photographed to upload.  Gave me an excuse to test it out. Not the best of weeks, especially for this poor girls face (again). Was in the mood for some quick gestural poses, but got a couple of long poses instead. Not to worry. I quite like how the vertical line technique worked out, might try that again. Good to break up the techniques occasionally.


Life Drawing 16/03/2010

By , 18/03/2010

Not the best week I’m afraid.
I was trying some different approaches to avoid the style I’ve been developing recently. By trying not to think too much,  I ended up thinking about it more…which is daft. What I’m really missing is doing some more quick gestural sketches to get back to more natural drawing. Just now I kind of feel my way around by light and shadow. Which still works, but my drawing has lost elegance and I think it’s all down to gesture. I just need to get out sketching more….some spare time would help! :S


Life Drawing 02/03/10

By , 03/03/2010

quite enjoyed having a more voluptuous lady to draw this week
you get some interesting subtle shapes of shade in the fleshier parts, and it’s always good to mix it up a bit.

spent a bit more time on the face of the last drawing too. It’s an area where I really need some practise, I hope I’ve done her justice.


Life Drawing – 23/02/10

By , 23/02/2010

so, another Tuesday, another batch of drawings.

I’ve been having bother with the faces since I started back, and this poor girl is not exempt from my mutilation. But I’m always happy if I can squeeze one half decent drawing out, and I’m quite pleased with the last one. I really need to practise my faces though….and basically draw more every day.


new showreel

By , 11/02/2010

just go to the showreel page, here’s a link if you’re reeeeally lazy
need to update the breakdown and cv too, but that can wait a day or two



By , 10/02/2010

should I sound that excited?

it’s been the first male model I’ve seen in a long time. I’m merely celebrating diversity.
a lanky bugger too, so if his legs look long, it’s because they were!


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