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rumours of my death…..

By , 03/08/2010

…greatly exaggerated, etc.

Just wanted to post something, i know it’s been quite a while. Just in case my ┬áregular visitors were getting worried (yes, both of them)

Been working pretty solidly on a couple of projects that i can’t wait until i’m allowed to talk about, involving a slight change in role for me too. Until then, ┬ái can post that i worked on this recently, a trailer for Pirates of The Carribean game made at Axis. Watch out for hands releasing chains and undead sailors on the mast. Wasn’t very involved, just a couple of days work in between the projects i still have to bite my tongue over.

Then also, i moved house recently, so my mother thought it would be a good time to add to my huge pile of boxes by bringing some junk i’d left at hers. no going back for sure now! in the piles was a whole bunch of my work from my illustration course and high school years. had quite a happy nostalgic look through it all, i think i’ll make a gallery up on the site when i get a chance. it’s nice to know i once had time to paint and draw without a wacom.

ciao for now!


By , 15/06/2009

Finally got to see Coraline at the weekend.
Thought it was an absolute treat. I wasn’t particularly overwhelmed by the story, but then i wasn’t when i read the book a few years back. The story in the film does have more to it, but i feel it still lacks a little oomph…especially when it comes to the other father and wybie.
However, Henry Selick’s magic touch is at it’s peak. The animation and characters are sublime, but it’s the sets and the colour in the scenes that had my jaw dropping every five seconds.
I also really liked how they used the Real-3D, by not over using it. It wasn’t like Beowulf, where they just kept pointing spears in your face. They actually used it subtly to build depth in the scenes then only really blew it out for some cool effects, like crawling through the tunnel. (OK, so there were occasional hand sticking in your face moments).

Overall, a magic experience for the whole family. My girlfriend even leapt out of her seat at a scary moment! Two thumbs up.

and much kudos to Fiona Barty for her work, the rest of the crew too…but her especially :D

Who watches the Watchmen?

By , 06/03/2009

…not me again!

I’ve seen quite a few 4/5 reviews, but i can’t believe any of those reviewers ever read or enjoyed the comic.
I went expecting nothing, i wanted to be entertained, but i did feel all the suspense and emotion that made the book was somewhat lacking.
I enjoyed the fight sequences, they were powerful and dynamic. Just felt let down with a poor version of the story.
If you haven’t read the comic, you might enjoy it. Not one for fanboys.

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