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New Showreel and Vimeo Channel

By , 25/09/2013

Finally got around to making a new showreel. This is purely from work completed in the last year, it’s been a busy old time!

Full Production Credits to follow soon

You can also view more videos on my Vimeo channel

Spidey Part Deux

By , 07/05/2012

Just realised I’ve never actually posted this up here. I’ll need to make a work page someday, even for the sake of my ailing memory!

Chopped down montage of cutscenes created for SpiderMan: Edge of Time.

Directed by yours truly with an awesome crew at Axis Animation

Getting the book invented properly!

By , 15/04/2012

Just posted Till Lassman and myself’s entry to the Douglas Adams competition on the Literary Platform. Show us your support, and if you like it, vote for it! :)

Enslaved – Pigsy’s Perfect 10

By , 09/12/2010

I don’t get to post work for ages, then they all come thick and fast. This, however, is the proudest achievement in my career yet. Really enjoyed doing something a bit different and it’s getting some good press. Here’s a montage, with hopefully more to follow.

Directors: Gareth Hector, John Barclay & Andy Miller Producer: Debbie Ross

Under Siege

By , 04/12/2010

another very late update. I actually worked in this almost exactly 2 years ago but it could never be shown. Finally, look out for my monkeys!

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions

By , 30/09/2010

for me, it already seems a lifetime ago…but finally i can shout about my directorial debut involving a friendly neighbourhood cultural icon. not a bad start, eh? (he proclaims modestly!)

Directed by Wiek Luijken, Asst. Director – Andy Miller, Producer – Debbie Ross

I’m very proud of what we achieved in what was a very tight schedule. It’s especially fulfilling to see how many shots remain faithful to my initial thumbnails.
You can watch the full intro cinematic on my studio’s website here . Out of the six cutscenes we made, the intro is the one I actually had least input into beyond animation. I’d love to post them all, but breach of contract comes to mind. You’ll just have to play the game!

I’m already twitching to shout about the last project I completed which i co-directed with two very talented artists, but alas it’s for another game. So it’ll be another few months to the next update!

new showreel

By , 11/02/2010

just go to the showreel page, here’s a link if you’re reeeeally lazy
need to update the breakdown and cv too, but that can wait a day or two


One Star Aired!!!

By , 05/03/2009

last night….available online on bbc’s i-player

don’t know if you have to be in UK to watch though.
look out for my raunchy music video :D

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