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who cleans up after?!

By , 26/11/2009

once the webslingers been through, who picks up the pieces?


By , 04/10/2009

a wee doodle of two important characters in my life just now,
my girlfriend Mairead ….and Sagat :D


By , 01/10/2009

a wee doodle I did when I almost caused a minor riot in Faro.
it was about 37c and there was a long and very slowly moving taxi queue
it didn’t make sense for me to take a taxi all to myself, thankfully there was no bloodshed

Smithzonian Institute of Rhyme

By , 10/06/2009

My talented mate Till asked for a wee poem to illustrate, and got one within about ten minutes.
The first thing that popped in my head was “all the elves in all the trees, were scratching radioactive fleas”. That’s not what it’s about, but i guess inspired the theme.

Also, I think it’s inspired heavily by Roald Dahl’s Dirty Beasts that i used to read as a kid.
Not exactly a literary masterpiece, but enjoy anyhoo :)

cheers for the piccies Till!

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