Give me your monies!!!!

By , 29/08/2011

it’s been a ridiculous amount of time since I posted anything new. I will get more content up soon, but for now take some sponsorship spam!!!

walking the night marathon around Glasgow on the 10th of September in aid of Cancer Research, Any donations big or small very welcome….but preferably big :)
What better way to train for the Compostela!!!

Life Drawing 11th-25th Jan2011

By , 30/01/2011

bulk update to catch up with the last few weeks. New gallery on the Life Drawing page for 2011. Last weeks (the guy) I had a bit of an epiphany too when our teacher showed a technique for continuous drawing. I think a little lightbulb went up above my head “this is how I used to do it!”. At last, I think I’ve found the missing puzzle piece that was lost through years of inactivity. Only time will tell!


Life Drawing 15/12/10

By , 15/12/2010

well, it’s been a while but I finally got back for the last class of the year.

went for some biro action (good ole Bic!) because I’ve been trying to keep up drawing outside of class, at work or out and about, and it’s usually a biro in the pocket. I figured getting away from the shading I could concentrate on trying to improve my drawing shorthand. Started working, these drawings are still quite scratchy, but I think a few pennies dropped. I’ll try spend them wisely ;)


Enslaved – Pigsy’s Perfect 10

By , 09/12/2010

I don’t get to post work for ages, then they all come thick and fast. This, however, is the proudest achievement in my career yet. Really enjoyed doing something a bit different and it’s getting some good press. Here’s a montage, with hopefully more to follow.

Directors: Gareth Hector, John Barclay & Andy Miller Producer: Debbie Ross

Under Siege

By , 04/12/2010

another very late update. I actually worked in this almost exactly 2 years ago but it could never be shown. Finally, look out for my monkeys!

RSS feed now works!

By , 06/10/2010

I had no idea it was busted, no need to subscribe to my own blog :)

so come on all ye faithful, subscribe today!!!


Life Drawing 05/10/10

By , 06/10/2010

Last nights batch. Included some 30 second ones for posterity. They’re not great, but I do love the fast ones as the poses are more dynamic. Gives me a chance just try to and capture the weight. As the poses get longer, I find myself focusing more on light and shadow. On that note, I’m quite chuffed with the middle drawing. I avoided outlining things a bit better than usual. The last one I just went for a wander :)

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions

By , 30/09/2010

for me, it already seems a lifetime ago…but finally i can shout about my directorial debut involving a friendly neighbourhood cultural icon. not a bad start, eh? (he proclaims modestly!)

Directed by Wiek Luijken, Asst. Director – Andy Miller, Producer – Debbie Ross

I’m very proud of what we achieved in what was a very tight schedule. It’s especially fulfilling to see how many shots remain faithful to my initial thumbnails.
You can watch the full intro cinematic on my studio’s website here . Out of the six cutscenes we made, the intro is the one I actually had least input into beyond animation. I’d love to post them all, but breach of contract comes to mind. You’ll just have to play the game!

I’m already twitching to shout about the last project I completed which i co-directed with two very talented artists, but alas it’s for another game. So it’ll be another few months to the next update!

Life Drawing 28/09/10

By , 30/09/2010

aay, it’s back!
it’s been a good few months since i’d last been, and probably it shows, but for what they’re worth, here’s the new batch of life drawings…

rumours of my death…..

By , 03/08/2010

…greatly exaggerated, etc.

Just wanted to post something, i know it’s been quite a while. Just in case my  regular visitors were getting worried (yes, both of them)

Been working pretty solidly on a couple of projects that i can’t wait until i’m allowed to talk about, involving a slight change in role for me too. Until then,  i can post that i worked on this recently, a trailer for Pirates of The Carribean game made at Axis. Watch out for hands releasing chains and undead sailors on the mast. Wasn’t very involved, just a couple of days work in between the projects i still have to bite my tongue over.

Then also, i moved house recently, so my mother thought it would be a good time to add to my huge pile of boxes by bringing some junk i’d left at hers. no going back for sure now! in the piles was a whole bunch of my work from my illustration course and high school years. had quite a happy nostalgic look through it all, i think i’ll make a gallery up on the site when i get a chance. it’s nice to know i once had time to paint and draw without a wacom.

ciao for now!

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