Uky Honors Course Agreement

By , 19/12/2020

HONORS EXPERIENCES includes bachelor`s research, overseas training, experience learning and service learning opportunities. Honors Experiences offers Honor students unique opportunities to broaden their horizons by doing university research, learning professionals in their field, working with non-profit organizations or immersing themselves in other cultures around the world. Six credits of hours of honorary experience are required, and many majors have required or optional courses that can count. Message to the British Faculty: An Honors College Course Agreement requires careful planning between student and professor, cooperation throughout the semester as needed and the obligation of both parties to go through the honors-credit process. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Lewis Honors College at 859-257-3111 to speak to an honorary advisor. We appreciate your willingness to help honorary students earn honorary credit for your course, and we hope that your participation in this process will be rewarding for both you and the student. The University of Kentucky Awards have a long and proud history. Thousands of students from 1958 followed our program and explored themselves and the limits of thought with an eminent specialist. Honorary training in the UK opens up an exciting world of research, education abroad and service that will intellectually challenge students, open access to the UK`s most creative minds, prepare participants for advanced studies and can make a difference after graduating from the world. The Honors course requires an honorary thesis in the UK Core Inquiry, participation in six Honors Experiences credits, a Senior Capstone or Honors Thesis and a selection of campus-wide course theses to meet the educational objectives of each honorary student. COURSE HONORS are taught by the faculty, have a maximum of 25 students, and class discussions are an important feature. Many honorary courses are created specifically for British honorary students, and the subjects of courses vary considerably each semester. Signed faculty application agreement forms are due on the second Friday of the semester, as well as a list of participating honorary students.

A faculty member may also submit the form before pre-term registration begins (March 1 and October 1, respectively), so that the possibility of an honorary supplement can be announced before enrollment for students. Any changes to the supplement proposed after approval by Honors must be approved on a case-by-case basis by the faculty member and honorary advisor. At the end of the semester, students must submit their supplement to the faculty and honorary advisor.

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