Trademark License Agreement Wipo

By , 19/12/2020

(c) to the extent that orders, invoices or other sales documents are shown separately, taxes levied on and/or other state taxes relating to production, sale, transport, delivery or use and paid by or on behalf of license or sub-licensing companies; and 7.2 HARVARD and LICENSEE cooperate fully in the preparation, filing, monitoring and maintenance of PATENT RIGHTS and all patents and patent applications authorized by LICENSEE under this agreement, and execute all documents and instruments or require HARVARD members to execute these documents and instruments to enable HARVARD patent applications and on behalf of HARVARD to apply, sue and maintain patents in any country. Each party immediately informs the other party of any issues brought to its attention that may affect the preparation, filing, prosecution or maintenance of these patent applications or patents. In particular, LICENSEE must immediately notify HARVARD whether LICENSEE or an AFFILIATE or licensee (or option holder) is not classified as a “small entity” as provided by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The next license is to make and have an exclusive global license under this agreement, to use and have, sell and sell, offer, sell, and import formulations, identified for all areas of use as well as the right to practice or have practiced formulations, as well as methods of manufacture and use of formulations in all areas of use. (e) In all sub-licences granted by LICENSEE under this sub-licence, LICENSEE must provide for the obligation that the sublicensing make its best efforts to bring the subject matter of the sublicensing into commercial operation as quickly as possible. LICENSEE also finds in these sublicensings that these sublicensings are subject to and subject to the terms of this agreement, unless: (i) the sublicensing is not allowed to grant additional sublicensing; and (ii) the NET SALES royalty rate that the licensee pays to the licensee. Copies of all sublicensing contracts must be provided to HARVARD without delay. 10.9 LICENSEE must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. In particular, it is understood and recognized that the transfer of certain goods and technical data is governed by U.S.

laws and regulations that control the export of these goods and technical data, including all U.S. Department of Commerce export authorization rules. These laws and regulations prohibit or require, among other things, a license for the export of certain types of technical data to certain countries.

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