rumours of my death…..

By , 03/08/2010

…greatly exaggerated, etc.

Just wanted to post something, i know it’s been quite a while. Just in case my ┬áregular visitors were getting worried (yes, both of them)

Been working pretty solidly on a couple of projects that i can’t wait until i’m allowed to talk about, involving a slight change in role for me too. Until then, ┬ái can post that i worked on this recently, a trailer for Pirates of The Carribean game made at Axis. Watch out for hands releasing chains and undead sailors on the mast. Wasn’t very involved, just a couple of days work in between the projects i still have to bite my tongue over.

Then also, i moved house recently, so my mother thought it would be a good time to add to my huge pile of boxes by bringing some junk i’d left at hers. no going back for sure now! in the piles was a whole bunch of my work from my illustration course and high school years. had quite a happy nostalgic look through it all, i think i’ll make a gallery up on the site when i get a chance. it’s nice to know i once had time to paint and draw without a wacom.

ciao for now!

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