Is blogging still a thing?

By , 13/03/2018

Almost 5 years since I posted here!

If you’ve somehow found yourself here and would like more recent updates, head over to Twitter @andyM_anim

Life Drawings 29/05/14

By , 29/05/2014

Tonights efforts. Charcoal on blue sugar paper. Need to take better photos when I get a chance.


Life Drawings 28/04/14

By , 28/04/2014

After over 2 years away from it (WTF?!!!), I finally managed to get some Life Drawing in.

First one’s decent, 2nd half ok, the rest have major proportion issues. Still good to get my hands dirty!

All charcoal and between 20-30mins


Milky Way

By , 26/11/2013

Up at the folks for the weekend and the Milky Way was beautifully clear. Unfortunately I didn’t have a wider lens, and the Nex 5n’s screen is impossible to use to focus with no light. The Sony lenses also have no markings or rotation limits. I managed to get a few images through trial and error. Next time I go up North I’m taking a tripod, my Nikon and an intervalometer!!!

New Showreel and Vimeo Channel

By , 25/09/2013

Finally got around to making a new showreel. This is purely from work completed in the last year, it’s been a busy old time!

Full Production Credits to follow soon

You can also view more videos on my Vimeo channel

Spidey Part Deux

By , 07/05/2012

Just realised I’ve never actually posted this up here. I’ll need to make a work page someday, even for the sake of my ailing memory!

Chopped down montage of cutscenes created for SpiderMan: Edge of Time.

Directed by yours truly with an awesome crew at Axis Animation

Getting the book invented properly!

By , 15/04/2012

Just posted Till Lassman and myself’s entry to the Douglas Adams competition on the Literary Platform. Show us your support, and if you like it, vote for it! :)

Life Drawing 17/01/12

By , 17/01/2012

Not the best today I have to admit. Once again I was just getting into the short poses, but then tightened up for the longer ones. Really need to make the effort to draw every day, felt like a step back from last week.


Life Drawing 11/01/12

By , 11/01/2012

first session of 2012. Only made it four times last year, let’s try improve that this year. Went for an all charcoal affair. Going to try and not give everything an outline for once!


Life Drawing 08/11/11

By , 08/11/2011

after several months I’ve finally got back to life drawing!

I forgot I was going though and had to make do with the ink pens I carry around at all times for doodling. Kinda glad, I think they worked out ok. I find I can draw really quickly and more economically. Means I’ve got more time to go overboard on the longer drawings though, it’s hard for me not to overdo them!


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